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Vijay Singh

Research Fellow

Dr Vijay Singh is an experimental physicist. He joined the ultracold strontium group in January 2021. He conducts research in several different areas such as the measurements of inelastic and reactive collisions of cold atoms and molecules, cryogenic molecular beam techniques, moving trap Zeeman deceleration of cold atomic and molecular beams, precision spectroscopy of cold atoms and molecules, and strontium optical lattice clocks. He is presently working on the iqClock project and is responsible for ultrastable optical frequency transfer.


Vijay is an alumnus of Newton International Fellowship and he also serves as a reviewer for the European Physical Journal D.

Contact details




PhD in Physics, University of Nevada Reno, USA

MTech in Laser Science and Applications, DAVV Indore, India


Selected Publications


M. Bober, P. Ablewski, S. Bilicki, J. Borkowski, M. A. Butt, R. Ciurylo, D. Dziczek, M. Naroznik, Vijay Singh, et al. “Strontium optical atomic clocks in KL FAMO, blue detuned lattice for strontium atoms and project of an active optical clock with cold strontium atoms”, 2019 Joint Conference of the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium and European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF/IFC), DOI: 10.1109/FCS.2019.8856092

Vijay Singh, Amit K. Samanata, Nils Roth, Daniel Gusa, Tim Ossenbrüggen, Igor Rubinsky, Daniel Horke, and Jochen Küpper, “Optimized cell geometry for buffer-gas-cooled molecular-beam sources”, Physical Review A 97, 032704 (2018)

Lewis A. McArd, Arin Mizouri, Paul A. Walker, Vijay Singh, Ulrich Krohn, Ed A. Hinds, and David Carty, “A moving-trap Zeeman decelerator”, Preprint at

Vijay Singh, Kyle S. Hardman, Aja A. Ellis, and Jonathan D. Weinstein “Inelastic collisions of CaH with He at cryogenic temperatures”, Molecular Physics, 2013, DOI:10.1080/00268976.2013.772668

Naima Tariq, Nada Al Taisan, Vijay Singh, and Jonathan Weinstein, “Spectroscopic detection of the LiHe molecule”, Physical Review Letters 110, 153201 (2013)

Vijay Singh, Kyle S. Hardman, Naima Tariq, Mei-Ju Lu, Aja A. Ellis, Muir J. Morrison, and Jonathan D. Weinstein, “Chemical reactions of atomic lithium and molecular calcium monohydride at 1 Kelvin”, Physical Review Letters 108, 203201 (2012)

Mei-Ju Lu, Vijay Singh, and Jonathan D. Weinstein, “Inelastic titanium-titanium collisions”, Physical Review A, 79, 050702(R) (2009)

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