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Dr Yogeshwar B. Kale
Research Fellow

Dr. Yogeshwar B. Kale is a physicist and he works in the development of optical frequency standards using quantum technology and quantum sensors in general. Presently, he is working towards the miniaturization of the Strontium optical lattice clock which is desired to be of transportable in nature. He has published papers in the range of fields like quantum optics, cold atoms, coherent spectroscopy etc.

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PhD in Physics, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), University of Mumbai, 2007-2013.

MSc in Physics, University of Mumbai, 2004-2006.

Selected publications

V. A. Henderson, M. Y. H. Johnson, Y. B. Kale, P. F. Griffin, E. Riis, 1 and A. S. Arnold,  “Optical characterisation of micro-fabricated Fresnel holograms for atomic waveguides”, Optics Express 28, 9072-9081 (2020).

Y. B. Kale, V. B. Tiwari, S. R. Mishra, S. Singh and H. S. Rawat, “Electromagnetically induced absorption and transparency in degenerate two level systems of metastable Kr atoms and measurement of Landé g-factor”, Optics Communications, 380, 297-301 (2016).

Y. B. Kale, S. R. Mishra, V. B. Tiwari, S. Singh and H. S. Rawat, “Resolution of hyperfine transitions in metastable 83Kr using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency”, Phys. Rev. A 91, 053852 (2015).

S. Singh, V. B. Tiwari, Y. B. Kale, S. R. Mishra and H. S. Rawat, “Investigation of cold collision in a two isotope magneto-optical trap for Krypton atoms”, J. Phys. B 48, 175302 (2015).

Y. B. Kale, V. B. Tiwari, S. Singh, S. R. Mishra and H. S. Rawat, “Velocity selective bi-polarization spectroscopy for laser cooling of metastable Krypton atoms”, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 31, 2531 (2014).

Y. B. Kale, A. Ray, N. Singh, Q.V. Lawande and B. N. Jagatap, “Modulation transfer in Doppler broadened L system and its application to frequency offset locking”, Eur. Phys. J. D 61, 221 (2011).

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