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Chang Jian Kwong
Research Scholar

Chang Jian Kwong joined the group as a research scholar in May 2023. His main research interest involves laser frequency stabilisation with optical resonators. He is currently working on developing a transportable optical resonator for a Strontium optical lattice clock apparatus.

Contact Details


BSc (Hons) in Physics, National University of Singapore


MSc in Physics, National University of Singapore

Selected Publications:


Eugen Wiens, Chang Jian Kwong, Timo Müller, Stephan Schiller, “A simplified cryogenic optical resonator apparatus providing ultra-low frequency drift”, Review of Scientific Instruments 2020,


Chang Jian Kwong, Michael G. Hansen, Jun Sugawara, Stephan Schiller, “Characterization of the long-term dimensional stability of a NEXCERA block using the optical resonator technique”, Measurement Science and Technology 2018,

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