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PhD - Many Body Entanglement in Ultra Cold Sr Atoms (Topology CDT)

We aim to investigate many body interactions and entanglement for ultracold Sr atoms trapped in a 3D optical lattice. The atoms interact via dipole-dipole interactions induced on low lying states, e.g. on the 5𝑠5𝑝3P0 → 5𝑠4𝑑3D1 transition. The dipole moment could be as large as 4 Debye, much larger than obtained in typical ultra cold molecules.  The interaction can give rise to phenomena like superradiance and subradiance. Supradiance has got immense interest due to its applications in next generation optical clocks, whilst subradiance has the potential to be used as quantum memories. Quantum memories are key to building a universal quantum computer. Entangled ensembles are crucial to overcoming standard quantum limit for a quantum sensor. If you like to have more information about the project, please get in touch with Prof. Yeshpal Singh:

This project is part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Topological Design and is a 4-year funded PhD. For more information on the CDT and how to apply, click the link below:


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