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Andrea Pertoldi
PhD Student on Secondment

Andrea Pertoldi is an Industrial Ph.D. student at the University of Copenhagen who pursued his research at NKT Photonics, Denmark. His primary focus at NKT Photonics, within the framework of the MoSaiQC consortium, involved the development of a cutting-edge fibre laser platform tailored for strontium cooling. During his 6 months stay at the University of Birmingham he will test ultra-stable fibre lasers operating at 698 nm and 689 nm, which exhibit exceptionally narrow linewidths, and compare them with commercially available options. In his visit he will also work on the integration of the new fibre lasers in the strontium atomic clock of the Alkaline team.


  • BSc in Materials Science and Engineering, ETH Zurich (2017)

  • MSc in Materials Science and Engineering, ETH Zurich (2019)

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