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Jonathan Mark Jones

Research Fellow 

Dr Jonathan Jones is an early stage researcher with a focus on developing cold atoms and optical clock technology for application in the real world. He has published work on ion trapping, optical clocks, quantum metrology and time variation of fundamental constants

Currently he is leading the group's work on optical cavities in addition to working on transportable lattice clocks as part of the EU quantum flagship programme “iqClock”. Jonathan is also an academic supervisor of some of the group’s PhD students.

Contact details


PhD in Physics, University of Birmingham, 2018

MSci in Physics, University of Birmingham, 2013

Selected publications

Rachel Godun, Peter Nisbet-Jones, Steven King, Jonathan Jones, Luke Johnson,  Helen Margolis, Krystoff Szymaniec, Stephen Lea, Kai Bongs, Patrick Gill,. “Frequency ratio of two optical clock transitions in 171Yb+ and constraints on the time variation of fundamental constants.” Physical review letters 113(21), 210801, 2014,


Mirak Dozeal, et al. “Analysis of thermal radiation in ion traps for optical frequency standards.” Metrologia 52 (6), 842, 2015,


Peter Nisbet-Jones, Steven King, Jonathan Jones, Rachel Godun, Charles Baynham, Kai Bongs, Mirak Dolezal, Peter Balling, Patrick Gill. “A single-ion trap with minimized ion-environment interactions.” Applied physics B, 112(3), 52, 2016,


J. Leute et al. “Frequency comparison of 171Yb+ ion optical clocks at PTB and NPL via GPS PPP” IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectronic, and frequency control, 63 (7), 981-985. 10.1109/TUFFC.2016.2524988

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