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Paaryn Vadgama
Research Intern

Paaryn Vadgama is an intern who started his internship in August 2021. 

"I’m Paaryn and my internship is focussed on fibre noise cancellation of the 698nm laser used in the strontium-based atomic clock. I’ve been fortunate to work with a welcoming group who have helped me to make the most of this opportunity throughout the time that I’ve been here. 


During the past few weeks I have gained several skills, such as how to safely and accurately align lasers in free space and through fibres. Not only this, getting experience with electronics has enabled me to create the feedback system necessary to remove fibre noise from the laser. Weekly meetings and presentations have ensured that communication is open and that we are working efficiently.


Aside from technical skills, I have had an insight into the ingenuity and persistence of a team that, time and time again, must solve various unexpected problems that arise when at the forefront of scientific research. I hope to take this mindset with me as I pursue my Master’s in Physics".

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