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Kélian Fages
Research Intern

Kélian Fages is an undergraduate exchange student from the Paul Sabatier University who completed his lab-based assignment in April-June 2022. 

"I’m Kélian, a French exchange student. I work on the noise cancellation system to stabilize a laser used in various other projects of the team. It is a high precision project which requires a lot of patience, meticulousness and improvement reflections.


During this work, I have discovered the research environment and its specific way to develop projects. It is very interesting to work collaboratively with a more experienced researcher who I met here, at the University of Birmingham. I have also learned to set up a complex optomechanical system with mirrors, lenses and other optical components. 


It is a great opportunity for me to experience a totally different work environment, especially in a foreign country, and to use the skills, practical and methodical ones, in my future studies and jobs".

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