This website is the personal homepage of the Alkaline team (previously known as the 'Strontium Clock Team'). Our lab is associated with the University of Birmingham' Cold Atoms Group and the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Timing.

Our team works on ultra cold strontium for a range of applications, from studying the fundamental interactions between ultra-cold strontium atoms, to developing compact clocks systems in our lab in collaboration with industry partners. We engage in knowledge transfer to help our industry partners to bring quantum technologies out of the lab and into the real-world applications.


1 June 2022

Thrilled that a book chapter by Dr Qiushuo Sun 'Frequency & Time: Measurements, Control and Transfer' has been accepted for publication in the open access Book Series on 'Frequency & Time: Measurements, Control and Transfer', Vol. 1, which will be available in Autumn 2022.

27 April 2022

Dr. Jonathan Jones gives a joint invited talk 'Photonic Microwave Generator as Quantum-enabled Local Oscillator for Radars' at EFTF-IFCS this week.

14 March  2022

Our paper "Spectroscopy of 5s5p3P0-5s4d3D1 with cold Sr atoms " by Shengnan Zhang et al. has been accepted by CLEO 2022. Register to attend here:


07 March 2022

Announcing the iqClock Industry Day on March 24 2022 – an all-virtual afternoon event for showcasing tech developed for transportable atomic clocks by our industry partners; more information and registration: