This website is the personal homepage of the Strontium Lab (better known as the 'Strontium Clock Team') for Precision Metrology and Quantum Measurements. This lab is a part of the University of Birmingham' Cold Atoms Group and the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Timing.

Our team works on ultra cold strontium for a range of applications, from studying the fundamental interactions between ultra-cold strontium atoms, to developing compact clocks systems in our lab in collaboration with industry partners. We engage in knowledge transfer to help our industry partners to bring quantum technologies out of the lab and into the real-world applications.


21 October 2020


Read a new blog post about The Quantum Technologies Flagship: the story so far, and the quantum future ahead

01 October 2020

PhD studentship is available through Industrial CASE award

The UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, led by the University of Birmingham, is offering a PhD studentship with BAE Systems as part of their recently awarded Industrial Cooperative Award in Science & Technology (CASE). To find out more, check our Open Positions page.


22 September 2020

Sarah Sun and Yogeshwar Kale are looking forward to attending an Online Workshop on Next-generation quantum clock organised by #INRIM. You can register at