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Preetam Ramchurn

PhD Student

Preetam Ramchurn is a post graduate student of the Translational Quantum Technologies MRes course of 2017, currently undergoing a PhD researching the long range interaction of Strontium-88 atoms in the Strontium Cold Atoms research group, having joined them in November 2018. His role is to maintain and operate the Strontium-88 MOT setup and he has contributed towards a paper on the measurement of the Lande g factor of Strontium-88’s 3P0-3D1 state. Currently he is studying the procedure of gaining a single-frequency Red MOT from the existing Blue MOT as well as stabilising the 2600nm laser by building a specialised cavity.

Contact details


University of Birmingham


MSc in Translational Quantum Technology, University of Birmingham, 2017

Msci in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics, University of Birmingham, 2013

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