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Mateo Martin

Matéo Martin is an undergraduate exchange student from the Paul Sabatier University who completed his lab-based assignment in April-June 2024.

“I’m Matéo, a French exchange student. I work on phase noise cancellation system to stabilize a laser I’m also trying to automate this system by using a Red pitaya card. It is a high precision project which requires a lot of patience and improvement reflections to solve problems.


Throughout this work, I have discovered the research environment within the Alkaline team and its specific way to develop projects. It is very interesting to work collaboratively with a more experienced researcher who I met here, at the University of Birmingham. During this exchange I have learned the basics of the phase noise noise cancellation system establishment until more complex concepts like the uses of PID controller or the quantification of the stability in systems.


It is a great opportunity for me to be able to learn from a more competent group in a different working environment from that of the classroom, this exchange allows me to meet new people and to learned more about the culture of the country.”

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