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ICON - International Clock and Oscillator Networking


Transportable Optical Lattice Clock - Riken

ICON brings together world leading transportable optical clocks and world leading optical link space infrastructure to explore the limits of precision time transfer. Including work on making transportable clocks more compact and robust with world-leading atom chip concepts, we are aiming at bringing precision time to everyone - first researchers relying on precision oscillators and later in commercial applications for the benefit of wider society.

This project focuses on:

  1. Intercontinental frequency transfer with transportable clocks 

  2. Experiments on ultra-precise free-space time transfer via satellite 

  3. Advanced Technologies for Time-transfer Clocks 


Transportable Space Optical Clock



Chip Scale Atomic Clock - University of Nottingham

ICON brings together an outstanding group of scientists with world leading expertise in the area of practical quantum technologies, in particular transportable optical clocks. The team’s excellence is manifest in over 20 international and national prizes, Fellowships from Royal Society, 100 high-impact publications in journals like Nature, Science and Physical Review Letters and over 25 patents.

Research team members:

Principle Investigator: Yeshpal Singh

Co-Investigator: Thomas Fernholz

Co-Investigator: Timothy Fromhold

Project Partners

  1. University of Tokyo Katori-Ushijima Laboratory

Led by Hidetoshi Katori


    2. Technical University of Munich 

Led by Ulrich Schreiber


    3. Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf 

Led by Stephan Schiller

​    4. University of Nottingham

Led by Thomas Fernholz

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